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What is the experimental scientific method?

The experimental scientific method is a set of techniques that are used to investigate phenomena, acquire new knowledge or correct and integrate previous knowledge. It is used in scientific research and is based on systematic observation, taking measurements, experimenting, formulating tests and modifying hypotheses. This general method is carried out not only in biology, but …


How to elaborate the theoretical framework?

For the preparation of a good theoretical framework it is necessary to carry out a research on the subject to be investigated, that is, you should review books, theses, newspapers, essays or other academic works. Do not forget that the theoretical framework will be the sustenance of your research work, for that reason it is …


Intrude into the forest of transmedia narratives

From just over a year ago, The New York Times subscribers have crossed the line of reading stories to live them. The virtual reality in 360 ° videos glimpses this premise, managing to situate the citizen in the midst of complex situations with which he interacts. Fact that in the last century was unthinkable. However, …

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