Do we all do research?

In our daily life, we constantly conduct research, so that, not only is it a particularly academic subject, but it is an attitude, a way of facing work and the challenges that life imposes on us.

In a generalized expression, research involves complex tasks, in addition it must have certain conditions or is made for specialists, but a quick analysis of our daily life makes us see that all the time we are investigating: at work, at home, in the studies, in the shopping center, in the restaurant, etc.


Mari, goes to iron her blouse, suddenly realizes that the iron does not heat, think for a moment and ask yourself, “Is it that there is no electrical power?”, Immediately tries to find out the cause.

She goes to the switch and turns on the light, and then Mari reflects and says: then it is the iron, however, before unplugging it and taking it to the technician, she asks again and if Is the plug? then unplug the iron and go to another outlet, plug in the iron and it is heated, and consequently you can iron your blouse.

What Mari did was an investigation to solve a common problem, as you can see facts and situations like this are part of our daily life, which teaches us that it will always be better to investigate in order to identify the cause to correctly solve the problem.

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