Guidelines for Writing a Good Cover Letter for a Job

Practical Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter for a Job

Sometimes, even those who attain the highest qualification standards fail to get a job because of one simple thing: writing a poor quality cover letter. This document is basically your first impression, so you cannot afford not to get it right. Here are some practical tips to use.

Choose a Relevant Cover Letter Type

Whether you are sending a cover letter for an advertised job posting or applying to a job via a referral, you need to pick the appropriate cover letter category. The most commonly used is the typical application letter, and it is ideal for a wide variety of job categories. You can write for particular job openings. You may also opt for the referral cover letter if you have been referred by a person known to your potential employer.

Use Proper Salutation

It is highly likely that the recruitment board member reading your cover letter will first see the salutation. As such, you need to do a background check of whoever will be going through the document. If you’re not sure about who will read the letter, you can address the hiring manager directly. You can also check online for the company’s contacts, dial the number, and confirm the title and name of the one in charge of reading the letters.

Do Not Copy-Paste Your Resume

When writing the letter, you may be tempted to draw inspiration from your detailed resume and may end up copying the content that you’ll have already included. Just like the resume, you also need to advertise your academic background, highlight your industry experience, and display your unique skills. However, ensure you only communicate the crucial, relevant attributes that you failed to illustrate in the resume. Also, the cover letter is the best place to show that you’ve researched and understood the company.

Tailor the Content

You’ve definitely come across myriads of cover letter templates online and in publications. Most people simply pick one of these then paste their details in the document. However, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for this type of document. Such a generic paper will always be visible and would significantly limit your chances of being considered. Customizing the cover letter to match the unique requirements and qualifications of the job will help you leave a positive impression.

Insert Crucial Keywords for the Job Posting

With lots of cover letters, resumes, and CVs to look at, hiring companies nowadays leverage automated solutions to make the work easier. These letter-filtering tools use advanced technology that scans unique key phrases within the documents to select those that align with every requirement, skills, and qualification provided in the job posting.

You can communicate your qualifications better than anyone else. But if you lack proper writing skills, or are not familiar with the different formats of writing cover letters, your chances of securing an interview opportunity may be slim. Fortunately, the above tips will guide you well, and you can craft a compelling message that would earn you your desired job position.

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