How to elaborate the theoretical framework?

For the preparation of a good theoretical framework it is necessary to carry out a research on the subject to be investigated, that is, you should review books, theses, newspapers, essays or other academic works. Do not forget that the theoretical framework will be the sustenance of your research work, for that reason it is necessary to be very meticulous in the search of sources.

What stages does the elaboration of the theoretical framework have?

  • – The analytical review of the literature.
  • – Elaboration of the theoretical framework itself.

How do I perform the analytical review of the literature?

This review requires identifying, consulting, extracting bibliographic references and other files or research documents that are useful for the proposed research study. You should bear in mind that the selection process should be selective, since scientific publications increase with the passage of time.

  • -You must choose the most recent publications and those closest to your academic work.

Three steps for the review of the literature

The primary sources, references or raw material:

They are named in this way because it contains valuable information that serves as a basis to support the research, these can be:

  • – Articles of recurring publications.
  • – Books, scientific journals.
  • – Theses, monographs.
  • -Antologies
  • -Official documents.
  • -Parns given at conferences or other similar events.
  • -Notes, articles, reports, journalistic.
  • – Interviews with specialists.
  • -Video recordings.

Where I can find it?

They are located in databases of references and information systems, such as:

  • – Academic Search Premier
  • – Academic Source of EBSCO
  • – Sage Joornals
  • – Redalyc
  • – Latindex
  • – Scientific ELectronic Library Online (Scielo)
  • – Alicia:
  • – Index of journals of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt).
  • – Ebsco
  • – IEEE Xplore
  • – IOP Publishing
  • – Scopus
  • – Sage
  • – Sage research methods
  • -Taylor & Francis
  • -Willey

A bibliographic reference is a series of data that identify a document, source or publication or a part of it.

Do not forget that you must quote each research work that you use, otherwise it will be considered plagiarism.

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