Intrude into the forest of transmedia narratives

From just over a year ago, The New York Times subscribers have crossed the line of reading stories to live them. The virtual reality in 360 ° videos glimpses this premise, managing to situate the citizen in the midst of complex situations with which he interacts. Fact that in the last century was unthinkable.

However, with technological progress, the dissemination of information grants power to the viewer, capable of moving from civil conflicts in Syria to the vicissitudes faced by immigrants.

All this covers the transmedia narratives, whose components are equivalent to a forest plagued by plants of different types, it is only necessary to know each one perfectly, and take advantage of it creatively. Here, you will know in detail how to apply it in your future projects.

What are transmedia narratives?

The transmedia narratives consist of multiple media and platforms that allow to spread a story. For example, a story that is initially published in a comic, can continue in a television series of cartoons, expands in the form of a feature film and ends in an interactive series of video games.

Note: It is linked to Storytelling because it requires the creation of a story that connects with the user.

How does it apply to a journalistic project?

Through a diverse range of artistic expressions: comics, murals, radio, videos, posters on public roads, photos, maps, graphics among others. But, developed in digital formats in order to facilitate feedback with the receivers.


  • – Set the story you want to spread clearly.
  • – Segment the target audience.
  • – Optional: Find a source of financing for the project, or otherwise, invest in operating expenses.


  • – Center the message.
  • – Analyze how to construct the message or polish it.
  • – Make a list of platforms that you consider adapts to your story.

Set the story

Create the narrative: context, statements, conflicts, characters and authorized expert sources.

Delimit technological support

-Review and analyze the history, and in turn, compare the feasibility of each platform (video games, virtual reality, mobile technology, websites, among others)


  • -A transmedia project is enhanced when it is worked as a team. Maintain the commitment, training and creative and imaginative disposition with the group with which you work.

Transmedia Narratives in Journalism

The convergence between journalism and technology is growing rapidly. The new platforms that journalists attach to their digital media demonstrate this.

“The Daily 360” by New York Times (USA)

This section demanded the journalists of the media, record all over the world with the Samsung Gear 360 camera. The immersive reality videos are of free access. However, the interaction can only be enjoyed by subscription.

To enjoy the new product it is necessary to have a smartphone, a headset and of course, virtual reality glasses.

Interactive report

Raising Barriers of Washington Post

Dynamic project that bases its content, in large part, of videos, graphics and maps. The story lies in the growing creation of walls on the borders of different parts of the world.

Comic Web

The War for Water of Public Eye (Peru)

The Ojo Público team worked together with an illustrator and a web developer. The result is a substantial interactive cartoon that addresses the mining social conflict “Tía María”.

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